Private Copying of Sound and Audio -Visual Recordings, Gillian Davies

A study prepared for the Secretariat‑General of the Commission of the European Communities, 1983.  Oxford, ESC Publishing, 1984; also published in Japanese, 1985.

Copyright and the Public Interest, Gillian Davies

Munich, IIC Studies, Vol. 14, published by the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law, Munich, VCH Verlag, Weinheim and VCH Publishing Inc., New York, 1994.

Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe

Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe is a comprehensive and detailed guide to intellectual property in Europe. It was first published in 1995, and in November 2014, the 4th edition was published by Thomson Reuters.

Clerk and Lindsell on Torts (21st Edition) edited by Gillian Davies among others.

"Clerk & Lindsell on Torts, part of the Common Law Library and with an unrivalled reputation, gives you guidance on the entire range of torts, from first principles through to negligence, defamation and passing-off," (Sweet and Maxwell).