A Ltd v B Bank & C Bank [1997] FSR 165 (CA)

Justiciability of alleged patent infringement in relation to the circulation of foreign paper cur

Pearce v Ove Arup [2000] Ch 403 CA

Leading decision on whether English courts have jurisdiction in respect of copyright infringement

Celltech v Medimmune (2003) EWHC 1008

Humanised antibodies – whether as a matter of US law, applying the decision of the US supre

Electrocoin Automatics Ltd v Coinworld Ltd [2005] FSR 7

Infringement of BAR-X and OXO marks by inter alia use of BAR, X and O on fruit machine reels.

Woodhouse v Aquila [2006] RPC 1

Registered design infringement / validity action under the ‘new’ law and associated U

Baker Book House and others v Amue

Summary judgment for infringement of literary copyrights on website, followed by a committal appl