Prudential v Unisys

Acting in TCC claim in relation to a major terminated IT project involving 200 staff.

Smith Kline Beecham v Apotex Europe

A series of cases relating to a patent covering paroxetine eg (2003) EWHC 137 issues were interlo

Sabaf v Meneghetti [2005] RPC 10 (HL) & [2003] RPC 14 (CA)

House of Lords and Court of Appeal the ‘gas burners case’ which concerned – pat

Telepharmacy Solutions Trade Mark [2006] ETMR 10

Trade mark hearing before the Court of First Instance of the European Court of Justice.

Baker Book House and others v Amue

Summary judgment for infringement of literary copyrights on website, followed by a committal appl

‘Muddies’ Trade Mark Appeal

Raising issues of likelihood of confusion: BL O/211/09