X v Y (parties’ identities confidential)

Acting for a venture capital fund in a dispute over alleged breaches of confidence.

Byford v Oliver [2003] F.S.R. 39, [2003] E.M.L.R. 20

A dispute between former band members over the ownership of the trade mark and name for the heavy

Re Hartington Conway’s patent [2004] RPC 6 & 7

An entitlement dispute which ultimately turned on an estoppel point and subsequent appeal to the

Sir Robert McAlpine v Alfred McAlpine [2004] RPC 36

A passing off case involving the protection of the shared goodwill in the family name against the

Baigent v Random House Group [2007] F.S.R. 24

The Court of Appeal’s judgment on the 1st instance decision of Peter Smith J.