J 18/09

Legal Board of Appeal concerning PCT / EP interface and the possibility of entering EP national p

Official Receiver v Mitterfellner (2009) B.P.I.R. 1075

Acting for the Official Receiver in relation to issues of jurisdiction and the meaning of 'ce

X v Y (parties’ identities confidential)

2010-2011 - Case concerning use of choreography and dance sequences embodying choreographed steps

Casey v Talkback Thames

Acted for the defendant television production company, obtaining summary judgment against claiman

Ghost Brand Ltd v OHIM

Acting for the appellant in proceedings in the General Court over ownership of a trade mark.

Three-D-Signs Limited v Infield 3D Advertising Limited

Counsel for the Defendant in a patent infringement and validity dispute concerning logos painted

Klinge Chemicals Ltd v Kencryst Limited and Kennedy 2012

A patent entitlement dispute in which the IPO sat in Glasgow as the parties and the majority of w

MMI v Cellxion [2012] EWCA Civ 139

Appropriate costs order where Defendants invalidated patent on only one of several argued objecti