Why Us?

  • Our members have outstanding academic qualifications, including scientific degrees and PhDs in the following subjects: physics, chemistry, mathematics, metallurgy, computing, semiconductor physics, engineering and genetics. 

  • We have a reputation for being user friendly, responsive and knowledgeable.  We are happy to talk you through court procedures or listing matters, when you need assistance. 

  • Several Members have a background in industry and have the relevant understanding of commercial business. 

  • Counsel have developed longstanding relationships with their solicitors and direct clients. 

  • Our members include a former Lord Justice of Appeal of the High Court, a Deputy High Court Judge, an Appointed Person, three Recorders, the Chairman of the Code of Practice Committee of National Office of Animal Health, a Deputy Chancery Master, a member of the CIPA Council, a former Chairman of a Technical Board of Appeal and member of the Enlarged Board at the EPO.

  • We offer our clients access to Chambers from 8.30 am – 7.00 pm, 5 days a week.